Paihia Summer Festival

3rd – 10th January 2016.

The Summer Festival has been going for over 20 years now and is a fantastic event – families tie in their annual summer holiday with the Summer Festival dates each year as they enjoy it so much.  Each year Business Paihia create a few new events – this year they have the Flying Kiwi Parasail “Pirate Day”,  Anne of Craicor “Cardboard Creations!” and dance workshop with DDF Dance Studio.

The line up 3rd to the 10th Jan ; Bay of Islands Rotary Club “Beach Dig and Fun Day out!”, Northland Age “Monster Mural Painting”, Dance Moves Workshop, Bay Beach Hire – “Fun On The Green”, Paihia Photos “Digital Photography Safari”, Bay Beach Hire – “Kids Multisport Event”, Anne of Craicor “Cardboard Creations!”, Cellini’s – “Street Smart Funky Art Pavement Drawing”, Flippa Ball – Panorama Haruru Falls Resort, Paihia Dive – “Kids Fishing Competition”, Flying Kiwi Parasail “Pirate Day”, ITM Bay of Islands and Wattyl – “Build a boat!”, Harcourt’s Real Estate “Sandcastle Competition”.


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